The Perfect “Cocktail”

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With such a plethora of mental health medications available, how come so many people are still depressed, anxious, manic, etc.?

The simple answer would be not everybody goes to get help from their doctor, psychiatrist, or therapist.

Another answer would be that it takes time to get just the right “cocktail” of medications that will best help managed the mental health disorder of that individual. And even after getting the right combination of medications, over time, they can become less effective, and you find yourself in another mental health crisis.

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                Guess what? Back to the drawing board…

My doctor and I believe that is where I am at right now. I currently take sertraline (Zoloft) every night and Wellbutrin (bupropion) every morning. Although my depression has improved over the last month, my anxiety has not and seems even more prominent now than ever before.

So, my doctor gave me a couple of different options to think about.

  1. I can add on a new medication to my current meds to help my anxiety.
  2. I can switch anti-depressants entirely to see if another one would work better.

A big decision, right? I’m at a loss of what the right route to go is. Switching anti-depressants completely is scary to think about when I have been taking the same one for over 3 years now. However, what if another SSRI (selective serotonin release inhibitors) could work so much better than sertraline is working for me currently? Or should I just stick with what I’m already taking and add another medication to help with my anxiety?

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I had a mental health episode almost four years ago that led me to first go on an antidepressant. Later, my doctor added Wellbutrin to help lift my mood a little bit more. I take the highest dose of Zoloft that can be prescribed. I have never thought of switching medications until today.

Let me add a disclaimer that mental health medications are not for everyone. There are different approaches to mental health diagnoses besides medication. This is a decision you can only make for yourself with guidance from your medical provider.

For me, my medications have helped me out for several years. Now it is time for a change, and I need to decide what change to try.

If you are reading this and you relate to this topic, please leave a comment about your experience with mental health medications and what worked or didn’t work for you. I would love to hear from you!

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9 thoughts on “The Perfect “Cocktail””

  1. Tough decision indeed for you. I have only had mental health experience in the form of a Mum and colleague. Best wishes in your journey ahead.


  2. Thank you for sharing! A much needed post. Change of any kind is hard nevermind that which you have known to give you some stability. Definitely decisions that are difficult but necessary.
    The best of luck through this!


  3. I have anxiety as well, it is not as severe but it is still bad. I am unable to sleep sometimes because of that. It all depends on you, your body and what works better for you. Everyone is different so things works in different ways.

    Mental health medications are very delicate, as you said, it is not for everyone. I have never taken any medications. Your doctor can give you suggestions but at the end, the decision is all yours. I hope you make the right one for you.


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